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Can Breeding Umbreon with a Shiny Glaceon that I'd traded to get give me a shiny Eevee?

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If so what are the chances, I want a spoil my Umbreon with a Shiny Umbreon son/daughter.

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No, unless one of those Pokemon come from a different country. If one of them is from another country, then you now have a 1 in 2048 chance of the Pokemon being shiny. If not from another country, then you still have a 1 in 8192 chance.

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I'm still learning things does the mean their name is in another language?
No, it means that you did one of two things, you got the Pokemon on the GTS from a personliving in another country, or (in the case of getting a shiny Pichu) you traded for Lt. Surge's French Pikachu in HG/SS or (in the case of getting a shiny Magikarp) that Hiker on Route 226 will trade you a German Magikarp.