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My Budew is lvl 30 and I have had him since lvl 13. I boxed him twice, fed him countless poffins, and given him many different items(like carbos). What else can I do to evolve him???

This is in the Platinum version.

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just becuse you have done that,doesnt mean that it will evolve immediately. feed it more vitamins,heal it with potions alot when I gets hurt.

on hg you can give it massages in the battle tunnel in goldenrod city,and in pearl there is an area post game where you gan get a massage once again,also in veilstone.
dont feed it bitter food,and level it up alot.

and one more thing... budew evolves by happiness but only in the daytime

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This will give you some lists of things you can do to increase happiness. Make sure it's daytime too, it only evolves in the day. Here's as list of things you can do/not do in Generation IV (Platinum):

enter image description here
*= The number of steps and the probability needs further study.
†= These include Pomeg Berry, Kelpsy Berry, Qualot Berry, Hondew Berry, Grepa Berry, and Tamato Berry (No. 21-26).

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Make sure he's at happiness and level him up during the day
http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Friendship this should help more