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I need a Pokemon that could win the master rank under any contest, cool, beauty, smart ect. I tried with a Milotic for beauty (it's the only Pokemon that has made it to the master rank, in my game), but I come in last place, every time. Q,Q It's no trouble for me to raise another Pokemon, and It would be helpful if you could provide move sets too. Tips would be nice, as to why I cannot beat the Master rank. (It might be because I fail at the dancing part. >.<; ) Yet I still think my weakest part is the acting.

Currently my milotic knows:
Aqua ring
Water pulse
Hydro pump
(I don't know why it knows water pulse and hydro pump, those moves do the same thing.)

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From what I can see you have an OK moveset for battle and contests.Here is a list of the beauty moves you have and what they do in a contest
Hydro pump:
+2 if your Pokemon goes first.
Aqua ring:
Appeal based on judge voltage
+2 appeal
Prevents voltage of that judge from going up.
Water pulse:
+2 appeal
if you perform first you get +2
Dancing I cannot help weather you can follow a pattern or not (lol) and just follow the theme for dress up.
Maybe you may wanna find a good move to replace water pulse or hydro pump (weather you favor accuracy over power or vice versa) for the master contest with a good other moves that I don't know if miltoc can learn.