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Ok I was fishing at the lake in the resort area and I found a level 90 magikarp so I train it up to level 92 and evolved it but something weird happend its hp went from 126 to 398 and something even weirder happen it turned from a boy to a girl is it a glitch or just unknown


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Changing from male to female is definitely a glitch. If you're playing a ROM or have used any cheats then stuff like that can happen all the time.

However, the HP thing may not be. If Magikarp had 126 and Gyarados as 398 that is perfectly feasible because Gyarados' stats are higher than Magikarps.

Plus you may have got a bunch of EVs in HP which would boost the total - no more than 63 though.

It was on my ds game and I don't even own ar or any other cheats