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Just got a Shiny Dratini via trade it appeared to be legit besides the fact that it has wrap and leer. All other sites says the moves are supposed to be bind and leer. So do you think this is legit?

Serious nature.
Floccesy Town
Apparently met at
Lvl 1
Ability: Shed Skin
HP 12/12
Atk 6
Def 6
Sp. Atk 6
Sp. Def 6
Speed 6

Moves: Wrap and Leer
Hold Item: Exp. Share.
Regular Pokeball

probably a thing about benga himself i don't think anything's wrong i think pokemon wanted it like that i could be wrong however.
LOL. Shiny Dratini. Seems legit. :P

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Yes, you can get a shiny Dratini at level 1 in Floccesy Town after defeating Benga in Area 10 of the White Treehollow in Pokemon White 2. Source

I don't know what sites you are looking at but every site I checked said it has Wrap and Leer at level 1. Example

Very cool.