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My sewaddle is really close to evolving into swadloon,when sewaddle is a swadloon how do I then get it to be happy so she'll evolve into leavanny (I dont know what happiness is with Pokemon!)

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You have to make him pretty happy. Here's some ways to make him happy:

  • Join Avenue shops
  • Winning a battle
  • Keeping it in your party
  • Massage person in Castila City
  • Have it hold a Soothe Bell

It will evolve when it reaches 220 in Happiness.

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it doesnt have to be max happiness just 220 :3
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You have to make it really Happy.

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There is a few ways to make it happy (i cant calculate happiness I just listen to the happiness rater who is bianca in bw2 and someone else) but ways to make them happy are the same listed ways but several join avenue shops that make it happy are: POKEMON GROOMER and others (i dont have any other person that can make em happy) also I'd reccomend from the groomer a groom that doesnt lower any stats (its really expensive but worth the keep) also call bianca on the Xtranciever for a happiness check telling you how your Pokemon are doing and I'd reccomend the comment mentioning shes jealous as the one that will allow it to evolve (im not that specific but I did get a lucario then traded it :D)

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