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I am looking for a Pokemon that has a resistance to ground and can learn electric and fire type moves. does a Pokemon like that exist?


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Eelektross is your man.

Item : Choice Specs / Leftovers
Nature: Modest
Role: Special Attacker
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 172 HP / 252 SpA / 84 Spe

~ Volt Switch
~ Flamethrower
~ Grass Knot
~ Thunderbolt / Acid Spray

A specially attacking set takes advantage of all of Eelektross's strengths: great coverage, power, and bulk. Its slow Volt Switch allows you to keep momentum while bringing in a frail sweeper free of charge and capitalizing on entry hazards immensely. Volt Switch, Acid Spray, and Eelektross's coverage moves all force out your opponent's Pokemon. This set is especially good at tearing apart defensive cores, since it has Acid Spray to become a special wall's worst nightmare, and can use its coverage moves to easily destroy physical walls such as Tangela and Amoonguss. Thunderbolt is usually superior to Acid Spray, though, since Eelektross poses a larger threat when equipped with Choice Specs and Thunderbolt doesn't force Eelektross to switch. It can be a great asset for Spikes-stacking teams, although it is useful on other types of offensive teams as well. This set can function as a momentum grabber, hazard abuser, and bulky attacker all in one. Levitate is very useful on this set as well, since even if your opponent manages to lay their own hazards down, Eelektross will only take damage from Stealth Rock.

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There is a Pokemon like that! It is the mighty eelektross! It can learn only two fire type moves (ie) Fire punch and flamethrower and can learn a lot of electric type moves.Or There is Rotom-H(Fire) which is electric and fire type Pokemon and is immune to ground type Pokemon.Sadly,it can learn only overheat as a fire stab move and can learn a lot of electric type moves.

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Eelektross Pokedex
Rotom Pokedex

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Eelektross is your best choice. Since he has Levitate as his ability
But You can also go with any electric Pokemon that learns magnet rise or you could use an air ballon too, but with the air balloon once you get hit you are no longer immune to ground.
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