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Its now at Lv. 41, but it was kept in the daycare on RT. 3 for breeding purposes, until Lv. 38, since after I obtained it over trade at Lv 1, and it was also infected with Pokerus at the time of trade. My Eevee is definitely the happiest it's ever going to be before evolution. Also I have only been battling with it and its leveled up at night time Am I missing something here?

In Iccirus city there is a woman in the daycare who will tell you how friendly your pokemon are. Then it's just a matter of leveling up at night. You can fake the night. Just set your nintendo clock to midnight and then you won't have to worry.

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You must be sure its happiness is high enough, and after that, you must level it once, for evolution to actually occur. Pokerus won't do anything happiness wise except double EVs.
Also be sure you are levelling it during the correct times in night time, since they work differently in Generation V because of seasons:

"Seasons affect the time of day, which now varies depending on the current season. During spring, morning begins at 5:00 AM and night starts at 8:00 PM ; during summer, morning begins as early as 4:00 AM and day lasts until 9:00 PM ; during autumn, morning begins at 6:00 AM and night starts at 8:00 PM ; and during winter, morning does not begin until 7:00 AM and night starts at 7:00 PM. The day is now divided in four different parts: morning, when floodlights in the cities switch off and the sun starts to rise; daytime, when everything is lightened; evening, when the floodlights switch on in the cities and everything starts to be lit with an orange hue; and then nighttime, which is characterized by a darker landscape, both in the overworld map and in battle." - Bulbapedia

You can also use this chart made from Bulbapedia for gaining amounts of happiness.

But if you are absolutely sure the happiness is high enough, simply level it some more, its bound to evolve.

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I guess I'll just have it use the Soothe Bell too. Probably shouldn't have switched it out for an Exp. Share so soon.
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It's not happy enough. Keeping it in the Day-Care LOWERS Happiness.

I kept my somewhat happy Pidgy in Day Care for a while, and it hated me when it came out.
Being in the Day Care makes them forget how much they love you.