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So would my Charmander for a Warlord with a Specialty in Fire/Bug get a increased max link?

I don't get this...
it's for the game pokemon conquest.
hey i have played pokemon conquest i think if a warlord has two types you will need to get a pokemon that fits in both categories to get a max link for example bug and flying it could be any max link with a pokemon who has these two types for example buitifly hope this helps by the way if a warlord only has one of the two types i presume it ups the link not too sure. :/

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Yes, you will get increased link, but for maximums, it will not go all the way to 100%. Rather, it will stop at 70% or something near the number. However, it is possible that when they meet their perfect link that does not fit both the types, full 100% maybe available.