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i want it for my Honchrow.


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It would be on Stage 4, which means the chance is 33.3% assuming you are playing Gen 5.

In both Gen 6 and 7, the critical hit rate was changed (and its effect changed from 2x damage to 1.5x damage). Stage 4 is now 100% in modern Pokémon games.


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Are you sure? Isn’t it 50%?
Because Night Slash is 1/8 critical hit rate. With Super Luck it increases to 1/4, and then with Razor Claw it becomes 1/2.
Nope — this question was posted in early 2013, before the critical hit rate was changed in Gen 6. I would access the link in the answer as a reference, since this answer now varies quite a lot by the game you are playing. I’ll update it.
Critical hit rates don’t increase in the fashion you described (i.e. doubling the previous chance). Each stage has a prescribed probability that varies by generation.