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random curiosity wondering if Electrode is still the speed demon of the Pokemon universe or have others beaten his highest possible speed stat without items? EVs are allowed

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Nope. Deoxys-S is the fastest Pokemon to date, with 180 Base Stat. Electrode has 140 Base Stat.

It is ranked #6 out of the fastest Pokemon it the game, beaten by Deoxys-S, Ninjask, Deoxys-A, Deoxys and Accelgor.


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Where is seperior on this list.It whooped an electrode once(they were the same lv.)and serperior was faster
#32. 113 Base Speed.
wierd how was  i faster than electrode at the same level???
They didn't have any EVs, bad Nature, many possibilities.
you added lots of unecessary info
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Electrode is VERY fast, but Deoxys-S is now the grand champion with 180 base speed.

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