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Just for wi-fi purposes, I am building a Nu team. I already have dunsparce (from my previous question) in mind. Any tips?

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Charizard, Lapras, Espeon, Dunsparce, Probopass, Meganium.

Edit: If you don't like Charizard (you are dead to me if you don't) then have Magmortar.

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Um.. Really? Charizard? come on now. >_>
Charizard is the best Pokemon. You are really going to have problems being accepted on this site if you don't like it.
I know Charizard is beast and all but for the wifi battles that I've done, Charizard is pretty Predictable
Charizard has access to a wide array of both physical and special moves. Not to mention he has belly drum to max his attack power, making him a killer physical sweeper and special sweeper.
I use Charizard on my main team (OU.) I barelly ever lose. Only my brother can beat me with any frequency, and even then he only beats me 50% of the time because we know excactly what we are going to do. The fact that Charizard is so looked down upon by the battling community (besides on this site) gives it the element of surprise.
Your on to something Darktyplosion but, I'm more than certain that anyone here has Had their share of Charizard Spammers, Hence Predictable yet not in moveset however.
Yesterday I took Down Six Charizards in a whole team and I was like (>_> this dude is obsessed with Charizards)
Maybe you think it's predictable because you went up against an inexperienced person with 6 charizards. It's up to the trainer to develop new ideas and strategies for a pokemon, that's why NU is the most unpredictable, despite being deemed the weakest pokemon.
Yay I finally got my shedninja! :)
You can't force someone to like Charizard, he is great and all but if he doesn't like it, then its his opinion!!
I'm not saying to like Charizard, I'm saying don't brush him off as predictable from one battle. and it's SHEDINJA, not SHEDNINJA.
Charizard is the most unpredicatble (besides Mew, Smeargle, and Arceus of course. Don't know what to expect from them) Pokemon there is.
I didn't talk about shedinja, it was the guy who asked the question!!
Looks like I'm dead to trachy