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Ok this dude has a Shiny Mewtwo with the ability No Guard and It has 3 OHKO Moves And Psychic, All of its stats are at EXACTLY 400, HOW DO I WIN??

Tell the dude hes a cheatin piece o' cr*p that makes pokemon cry. but a smart piece o' cr*p
And I hope a vileplume urinates on him
You should have Jigglypuff start singing and draw all over Mewtwo's face.

2 Answers

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Here's a way for it to work. either let your pokemon hold a focus sash ( I've tested this, it works) then use the move endeavor. Then hit mewtwo with sucker punch. or some priority move. That will take him down.

How could I have been so stupid as to forget that!! That is one of the main strategies.
Ka did not allow you to remember it.
Ka-ka to your ka. (That is also in the Dark Tower.)
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Quick claw+ destiny bond= win.

Yet that only has a 10% chance of working.
NEVERMIND! I know how to beat him now! I will just use my mewtwo with Me first to use his OHKO move before him and since it has no guard, ITS GURANTEED TO HIT!!
Your pray and get lucky.
Smart right?
Nope. Me First only works on Damaging moves. Technically, a OHKO move is not a damaging move, so it won't work.
It's only equal to your HP, so it won't faint him with 400 HP.