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Does the deer Pokemon from X & Y have an X in its eye?

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I was watch the Pokemon X and Y trailer and I noticed the deer looking Pokemon seems to have an X in its eye at a few seconds before 1:25. Would that mean its the mascot of Pokemon X or could I of just been seeing things?

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Yes I think this is a right prediction as the other bird legendary is in the shape of a Y when you look closely. Also the tips of the "X" in the logo have the antler design and the tips of "Y" have a bird feather design.

Gazelle = X
Bird = Y

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So you saw the X and i'm not crazy?
Yup ur right
Is the next game be pokemon Z?
Then will the main pokemon also look like Z?
lol. But what animal would it be exactly? I've never seen an animal in that shape before...
People are saying things like "The next game is definately going to be Pokemon Z."
Clearly they haven't learned their lesson. Remember Grey?
Grey was speculated years ago, people were just going off the past. Who knows.
Exactly. "Who knows." There is nothing definate about it. Everybody was expecting the game to follow Black and White to be Pokemon Grey. Then Game Freak throws a curveball and gives us Black 2 and White 2.
Trachy, they only did that because they didn't know if they should name it Gray or Grey. c:

I kid, of course :P
Snakes can look like a Z.
Maybe its not likely be Z since Z has no mirror line, making it look strange in front view
Not racist. There is no right way to spell it. It can either go "Grey" or "Gray". Both spellings are correct. Just like "dialog" and "dialogue".