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I was trying to catch Cresselia, and I threw an Ultra ball. It jumped!
It was not a critical capture.

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jumped or shook in the air??
If it shaked in mid-air,you're lucky.If a Poke ball shake in mid air the catch is succesfull without the 3 shakes on the ground.A normal catch is when the poke ball shakes 3 times.In some cases the ball shakes in mid air and the Pokemon is caught without 3 shakes.
It was on the ground and it did a little hop before it shook 3 times.
It jumped. I know what shake in the air looks like.
Ahhhh yes you see you have got what is known as a **critical capture**. It's a 1/16 chance of happening. At this time, the pokeball only shakes once. It gives you an easier time catching as it only has to shake one time to catch. You can still fail to catch if it doesn't shake.
You sure it wasn't just bouncing??
Did you read the question?? "I`m confused,my ultra ball jumped!". Your answer has nothing to do with that. She has already established that it was not a Critcal Capture.
It is critical capture!i have already catch a poke like that!sorry ,but it is :-D
Sorry, but you are wrong. If she knows what a CritCap is and she is still confused, it cannot be that.
Since this question still isn't yet answered since the person asking the question says no to every single answer is said, I might as well answer it myself. What I think might of happened to your Ultra Ball is that it was a Critical Capture. Since you denied that on MK 42's answer i'm thinking that you were not looking at it that clearly and must of thought it jumped then made a Critical Capture. I'm pretty sure of that because a jumping Pokeball is not reported to any other person i'm sure that's it.
It's still unanswered :3
How many times did it bounce?

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Okay, I'm gonna answer this. xD
If I get this wrong, I'm sorry. I'm just trying to get this over with -.-'

A critical capture is where you throw a PokeBall in battle, and before it drops down to the ground, it flashes white and it shakes a little. How this effects the capture is that it will not take four shakes in order to capture, but only two! This doubles your chances of catching the Pokemon. Just like critical hits.

If it was not a critical capture, and the capture wasn't affecting the Pokemon in anyway (e.g., it's not glitched) then I really wouldn't worry about it. It may have been your imagination that the capture looked a little peculiar than it would have normally been.

Hope I helped. :)

This also may occur when you try to catch another trainers Pokemon?
nope just wild pokemon...  I never got it for like a year then it happened like 11 or 12 times in a day?
I feel so annoyed when I get a critical capture on a Pokemon, and for some flippin' reason it doesn't work, yet all the other times it is so close to catching it. It's so annoying -.-'
YES!!! hat sucks it happened to me on full Hp Kyurem,  dont know why i tried to catch it at full hp...