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Gen I: 1-7 turns (random) [Stadium: 1-3]
Gen II:17 (random)
Gen III: 1-6 turns (random)
Gen IV: 1-4 turns (random)
Gen V: 1-3 turns (random)

Source: Bulbapedia/ Sleep


Gen I: Will only thaw via Ice Heal or getting hit with a Fire-Type move. If none of these happen, it will never thaw out, even after 9,001 turns.
Gen II and on: 20% chance to thaw every turn, so it can remain frozen indefinately.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Frozen

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Damaging Fire-type moves used on a frozen Pokémon will remove the freeze status. From Generation II onward, freeze has a random, 20% chance to be cured on its own on the frozen Pokémon's turn. Consequently, the frozen Pokémon may thaw out on the turn of freezing; however, in Generation I, a frozen Pokémon never thaws without external aid. Pokémon cannot be frozen in sunny weather; contrary to popular belief, sunny weather does not cause a quicker thawing.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Status_ailment#Freeze


Sleep lasts for a randomly chosen duration of 1 to 3 turns in Pokémon Black and White and Pokémon Stadium.[1] In all other games, except the Japanese versions of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, sleep lasts 1 to 5 turns. In the Japanese version of Diamond and Pearl, the minimum and maximum sleep count is 1 turn higher, lasting 2 to 6
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Status_ailment#Sleep

Unless you have Early Bird which causes your Pokemon to wake up faster.