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So I got a shiny Heatran but he has a brave nature. What is the best moveset for me to give him.(This is B2)

Guys, remove the flags. This is legit.
This is totally legit. It's asking what to do in an unusual situation. It doesn't need flags.

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Brave (+Atk, -Speed)

Well, so it's not as if it's decreasing your Sp. Atk, which is Heatran's highest stat.

Stone Edge
Rock Slide

^ These 3 are probably the best physical moves for Heatran that provide the widest coverage. Heatran has a superior Sp. Atk stat though, so I think the physical moves it can learn will go unused. Its strongest STAB move is Iron Head (80), so go for special attack instead.

Item: Air Balloon/ Leftovers
Ability: Flash Fire
EVs: 252 HP, 4 Def, 252 Sp. Def
~ Lave Plume/ Roar
~ Earth Power
~ Stealth Rock
~ Will-O-Wisp/ Protect

I would go for defensive Heatran, mainly because your speed is down due to nature, so there's more merit in investing EV training in its defences.

(Also I thought this was a legit Q, since it was asking about a specific Heatran in relation to its nature? Brave isn't ideal for Heatran, so personally I feel as if this Q was asking how to work around it.)

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Hmm. Great. I was kinda wondering what to do. But this will work perfectly awesome. And i had no worries for his SpA because he has 30 IVs in it anyways.
Brave is one of the worst narures it could have next to adamant
if you were gonna use it for competitive battling id use my masterball on it