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I was hoping that I could breed a Cablion since they are like awesome. I also have two Ditto and I wanted to breed my Cablion.

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I was so confused until I read the answers. I had no idea what Cablion meant.

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No, you cannot. Cobalion, like all Legendaries (except Manaphy), are part of the Undiscovered Egg Group, which mean they can't breed.

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If I somehow get a Pikachu in White 2, could I breed it with a Ditto? I know that it has an egg group but, I was hoping I could breed tons of Pichu then have them evolve into Pikachu!!!
Yes, you can ditto can breed with every pokemon except legendaries.
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Sadly any legendary like (you spelled cobalion wrong) cobalion will not breed (with the exception of manaphy which somehow breeds into phione) along with any other legendary which will not breed so its a one shot chance to get one. (and no legendarys wont breed with legendarys since most dont have genders)