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I have a few questions about this, 1. The Pokemon duplicator glitch (Please note that all of these are for Pokemon black and white 2) 2. The glitch were you can go to sinnoh. 3.The MissingNo Glitch. 4.The 99 rare candies glitch. 5. Tweaking glitches. 6.The glitch were you can choose anything to appear out of an egg. Please answer these


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Let's get going.

  • The Pokemon duplication glitch (aka cloning glitch)
    The regular duplication glitches was available in every Generation but V, which means that the duplication glitch isn't possible in B2/W2. However, there are other ways to perform the duplication glitch in Gen V, which are listed on this article:

  • By abusing trading. If the player turns off the DS at the correct time, the original trainer AND the trainer that receives the Pokemon will have the same Pokemon. It is confirmed this is successful in Gen IV (I've done it myself too), but is apparently uncomfired if it is successful in Gen V.

  • By abusing DNS addresses.

In Generations IV and V, by manually specifying the DNS address so as to connect to a server other than the GTS, it is possible to clone Pokémon.

  • The glitch that allows you to go to Sinnoh
    Never heard of this one. Nothing seems to have information about the glitch; and besides, the game doesn't have ANY way of accessing Sinnoh programmed. This glitch doesn't exist, and to access Sinnoh in Gen V, the player must have HACKED the game.

  • The MissingNo. glitch
    OK, to put this straight: the MissingNo. glitch can only be performed with the old man glitch (R/B) and the Mew glitch (R/B/Y), which are not performable in Gen II - V. So that's another glitch un-performable in Gen V.

  • The 99 Rare Candy glitch
    No such thing. Again, you can get 99 Rare Candies by hacking, but no glitch allows this. However, there was a glitch in Gen I that allowed you to duplicate items, where the Rare Candy was a popular choice to duplicate. The glitch is explained here, but it is not possible in Gen II - V.

  • Tweaking (or the void glitch)
    Ah, interesting :)
    Again, this hasn't been confirmed possible in Gen V, but was possible in IV (as seen here). It is likely not possible, as Game Freak seem to have removed the 32-step by 32-step squares rule, which means tweaking wouldn't be possible in Gen V. But nothing is confirmed, but currently there is no method that allows tweaking.
    enter image description here

  • The egg thing
    Again, not a glitch, but a hack. Probably possible with various cheat codes from things like Action Replay, but without them, the only thing that relates to this is the Bad Egg, which hatches into a glitch Pokemon called '-----'.

So basically these are all hacks, and the ones that ARE glitches are only possible in the older games (mostly Gen I, which was extremely buggy).

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I accidentaly did the duplicator glitch without knowing, didn't I... Yep, I've done the duplicator glitch and didn't even notice. I accidentaly did no. one: abuse trade. Now I know of the glitch thanks to you Fizzcube!
If you can get ----- you can probably get missingNo. This glitch EVOLVES into MissigNo at level 26 so maybe it is possible to get MissingNo, not sure if it'll work though. Sounds mad even to me...
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Those glitches aren't even glitches. Those are hacks. You can possibly do by using the AR. The tweaking is a actual glitch in diamond and pearl.

1, 3, 4, 5 is a glitch, but all of them are impossible in gen5
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Thoes glitches are only glitches in the game boy Pokemon games. In Pokemon W/B 2 The only choice is to do the WORST hack.