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my first time playing it but I dunno where to go D:

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wow that game was hard on PLAY R but wow i dont think anyone goes
i will try to get more info on locations.

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I have been through this. I'll tell you now that it is not easy.

Read This link on everything.
The link above will actually give you a whole insight of the GB TCG.

Goodluck, its pretty tough.

After you defeat the 8 Masters, you will have to go to the Dome where you will battle Grand Masters and after that the Final Champion. Its a bit like the Elite 4 but this is TCG.


These are the types of the Grand Masters.

Save before battling each one.

Once you defeat the 4 Grand Masters and the Champion, you will receive a Dragonite, Aritcuno, Zapdos and Moltres.

I know this is similar to the other answer but I wanted to answer since I have played through this.

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yeah i figured it out and i beat thanks for answering though :)
You're welcome :)
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Warning: I have never played this game or even heard of it until this question and I went to research it. You will understand more of what I say than I will.

After you have beaten the 8 masters, you will go to the Pokemon dome. You will battle 4 grand masters then the final person, your rival (ronald if I remember correctly). fire--> electric--> ice--> dragon --> mixed. If you lose to any of these people you must start over again unless you save. The deck you enter with is the deck you use for the first battle. After that you can switch between battles. When you succesfully defeat the people, you will receive zapdos, articuno, moltres, and dragonite.

I would like to say again, I only know this information from research and not personal experience. I do not know where the Pokemon dome is or how to get there. I hope you receive my answer as helpful information and not rambling.

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