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A physical sweeper with a variety of moves including thunder punch ice punch brick break and others. If you are gonna go physical go with this guy

A bulky special sweeper with a lot of resistances as well. His move pool can use both thunderbolt and flash cannon, two powerful STABS

So to get to the point
Electivire: A fast physical sweeper
Magnezone: A bulky special sweeper

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It probably has the best coverage in the world. Cross chop, wild charge, ice punch, earthquake, stone edge, etc. So much to chose. It patches up an electric weakness with motor drive and also gets a speed boost from it.


It can trap the plethora of defensive steel types with magnet pull. Then it can spam charge beam boosts and get amazing stats. Flying types can absorb its ground and fighting weakness and the flying type's rock, ice, and electric weaknesses all get blocked by magnezone.

they are both great but I would choose magnezone.

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Electivire's stats all together:540!
magnezones stats altogether:535enter image description here
enter image description here

Electivire has better stats so i'd choose him if you want a Pokemon that evolves quicker I suggest magnezone either way is what you choose

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Magnezone is definitely the better choice because of its high special attack stat. Electivire is an electric type with a high Attack stat. Now remember, electric type moves are special, so Magnezone is the better choice.
I agree, I like magnezone because Marrilands first platinum shiny  was a magnemite.