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Pokemaster, I got no real response on this guy, so hide it if you don't want this. Now, I don't have a Trapinch in my PC (at least not one that has a good moveset.) I'm thinking:

Substitute: Helps set up Toxic.
Rest: Heals Sub damage.
Toxic: Poisons the foe badly.
Earthquake: Great move.


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Man he's got high attack! this guy is like a mini Rampardos! Anyway his best stat is obviously his attack, and all his other stats aren't that bad for little cup...except that 10 speed. You could use trick room if you want, or invest a few EVs in his defenses. But here is my suggested set:

Earthquake(TM)-Powerful move, STAB, physical, perfect for Trapinch.

Bug Bite (egg move) -physical, 60 base power, covers his grass weakness, it'll do quite a bit of damage to any little cup pokemon coming off of his attack. It also takes the effect of your foe's berry, and berries are a lot more common in the little cup than they are in standard play.

Rock slide(TM)-Physical, covers ice weakness

quick attack(egg move)/sandstorm (TM)/Return /(TM)-Quick attack as a priority move, sandstorm for added damage, or return for a pretty powerful move.

This is my set for little cup, but if you don't have any limits set, I'd use this set:

Earthquake-same as above

Bug bite-same reason as above

Rock slide-Same reason as above

Crunch/Quick attack/sandstorm-Crunch for more type coverage, quick attack for a priority move, or sandstorm for added damage.

To me, Giga drain seems pointless to put on him, his special attack even in the little cup world, is pretty low, so it defeats the purpose of putting it on him if it can't KO any water pokemon.

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That's for defend moveset. I just give short for attacking moveset (my moveset... Earthquake (MUST), Crunch, Rock Slide, Giga Drain (but, since it's good at Attack stat, you can change this)

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LC Moveset

Trapinch (M) @ Life Orb
Trait: Sheer Force
EVs: 236 HP / 196 Atk / 76 Def
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Bulldoze
- Crunch
- Rock Slide
- Superpower/ Quick Attack

EVs & Nature are for bulk and sheer power.

Bulldoze over EQ for STAB move to avoid recoil. It is 8 base points less than EQ. If it gets to the point where I keep losing because the the foe is left with 1 HP, I will switch for EQ. Crunch for coverage at 128 base power. Rock Slide completes the EdgeQuake combo at 120 base power. Superpower is coverage while Quick Attack is to finish the foe off.

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Bulldoze= about 79 base power

And PB, please don't give moveset questions best answer, especially when the one you chose doesn't have a single upvote and is one hour old.
Your numbers are BP + 30%, but this is Sheer Force + Life Orb, which is 60%. My numbers are right. Maybe you missed the item or thought this was another Arena Trapinch.
Your Bulldoze numbers aren't right. About 30 base power less than Earthquake.
And I thought by base power you just meant Sheer Force, not factoring in Life Orb. My bad there (Bulldoze is still wrong).
b = Sheer Force + Life Orb

Earthquake = 100 + STAB = 150

Bulldoze = (60 + b) = 96 + STAB = 144

8 points less. and it is fine.
You forgot to factor in Life Orb to Earthquake. And since we're now adding STAB into the mix (not just Sheer Force and Life Orb) it ends up being about 50 points less.
And anyways, that appears to be six points less what you did. :P
oo, now i see it. Darn. I wanted to win the arguement... Well, thank you for your help Trachy. Sorry for doubting you.
Funny dancing Trapinch!
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Ok what I wouuld do is give him
Earthquake(stab, great move, rock, fire, steel, poison and electric types will be swept aside!!)

Crunch(psychic and ghost pokemon won't know what hit them!!)

Return(once it has max happiness its better then

earthquake but not in this case as earthquake is a stab)

rock slide(flying and bug types are out of the way!!)

I kinda agree with wobbuffet33 that giga drain would be good but trapinch has bad special attack so you might as well hit your weaknesses head on!!

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Gen V

Trapinch (M) @ Eviolite

Trait: Arena Trap

EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Def / 4 SDef

Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

  • Earthquake
  • Crunch
  • Rock Slide
  • Quick Attack