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STAB stands for Same Type Attack Bonus, and it means that whenever a Pokemon uses a move that is the same type as itself, the move is boosted by 50%.

Example: If a Ground type such as Mamoswine uses a Ground type move such as Earthquake, it will have 150 Base Power with STAB, as Earthquake (whiners :P) usually does 100 Base Power, and 50% of 100 is 50, so 100 + 50 (STAB) = 150.

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Read this Link for a great explaination.

STAB, I basically when a Pokemon of the same type uses a move of the same type. For example an Infernape using Close Combat will get STAB and and Infernape using Ariel Ace will not. Dual types also work. So Infernape using Flamethrower will also get STAB. What STAB does is it adds half of the moves Base Power onto the BP.

Read the link. It is great and that's where I learnt what STAB was.

STAB = Same Type Attack Bonus

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