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So which is better Surf or Hydro Pump on Keldeo. Is the higher power worth the lower hit rate or not? And Secret Sword or Focus Blast. Same question. Power vs. accurracy.

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I would go hydro pump. 80% accuracy is still high and it doesn't have a too terribly chance of missing. If you are really worried about the miss go with surf. It is kind of opinionated because either is still good.

Secret sword is preferred as it hits Pokemon who are special walls on their physical defensive side. But if you are talking about sacred sword, it is a physical move and keldeo has higher special attack. Go with focus blast. Secret sword is still better, though.

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Ok thanks again Gligurr. I forgot that Secret Sword was like Psyshock in that way. I will use Hydro Pump and Secret Sword.
I hold the other view that accuracy > base power. Imo if Hydro Pump misses and Keldeo gets KO'd, you did no damage at all. Surf will always hit, so even if Keldeo gets KO'd, you'll have at least done some damage. Besides, you can always use a calm mind set to boost Surf and Secret Sword.
I will take that into consideration.