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I would think:

Head Smash: Huge power, STAB, makes use of Aron's ability.

Earthquake: Of course.

Iron Head/Iron Tail: Both are powerful STAB options. Choose which one you like better, reliability or power.

Sandstorm: To damage the foe and also give Aron some more Sp. Def.

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That's one tough Aron! The set can't get much better. A good idea might also be to use Aerial ace to cover his fighting weakness. Magnet rise, Iron Defense, or Endeavor work wonders with him. and though it's not your style, he can learn stealth rock, which is still used a lot in LC. some other moves of use would be dragon rush, or curse.

Stealth Rock is a good choice for others. Is Magnet Rise as useful with less Earthquake usage going on? Or is the x4 weakness enough to warrent the use of Magnet Rise? Aerial Ace is a good idea though, becaue it's not like this is Aggron, who isn't at all affected by Physical attacks. Iron Defense can also do the same thing and block most Fighting and Ground attacks, so that is really good. I'm not sure about Endeavor, is that move good in LC?
Ground type moves still are powerful in Lc, and fairly common.
What would you suggest for a final moveset? I like the idea of Iron Defense better than Sandstorm.
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Well, depends on what you're using Aron for, I suppose. Like DT said, it makes a good lead with Stealth Rock and Sandstorm. It's powerful Head Smash attack would seal away rapin spinners like Pineco and Squirtle, like it's nobody's business.

This moveset makes for a good Physical sweeper though, but Sandstorm just opens up an opprotunity for your opponent to land a hit on you. Also like DT said, for this kind of moveset, I'd add in Aerial Ace to deal with Belly Drum Makuhita and Swords Dance Riolu.

EDIT: Dragon Rush would also work, to wall and deal with Extremespeed Dratini. Rock Polish may also help with Aron's Speed, roughly reaching a Speed of 17 after only one Rock Polish, with a neutral nature. Curse helps with Physical tanking.

You could even pack Metal Sound, Flash Cannon, Shock Wave / Water Pulse, and Ancientpower, to attempt a confusing Physical Wall / Special sweeper build.

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