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when you trade pkmn that evolve by trading with item is the item consumed because I trade a onix with metal coat to myself (i have 2 dsi XL) and then the metal coat disapeard


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In most cases, the item will not be consumed(berries,evolutionary stones, tm's ect) but your case is special. Some Pokemon need to be traded while holding a specific item to evolve, like Onix->Steelix is with the Metal Coat, or Rhydon->Rhyperior is with the Protector. A full list of these Pokemon can be found here- http://pokemondb.net/evolution/trade

And marzipan is wrong, the Pokemon will not evolve if it is traded holding it's respective stone needed to evolve. The stone must be used on the Pokemon in-game.

Hope this helps!

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I didn't mean when a stone is held by a Pokemon being traded; I meant when you used a Fire stone on a Pokemon like Eevee to make it evolve (i.e., giving it the stone) which would use up the stone.
thanks both even thought this one has more information
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Yes; the item is used up, just like a Fire Stone is used up when it's given to a Pokemon that needs it to evolve.

thanks, when i saw that the metal coat dissapeard from my steelix (just evolves) lvl 16 i was so confused