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I'm thinking:

Swords Dance: To greatly increase attack.

Sucker Punch: In LC, priority is everything and this is a priority move with 80 base power.

Seed Bomb: The most reliable powerful physical Grass attack, making use of STAB.

Brick Break: Has great type coverage, and can break through Light Screen and Reflect.

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I like this set. Also Cacnea can learn Nasty Plot via egg move, so I'll also make a set for that, seeing as his attack and special attack are equal. Cacnea cries for a trick room team.

Nasty plot-Makes cacnea a killing machine that still lacks speed.

Energy ball(TM)-STAB power.

Hidden power (Rock)/-If you can get hidden power, it covers 4 of his weaknesses.

Sucker Punch-Though it's physical, priority moves are still good, not to mention the fact that CAcnea still has good attack power.

Other good moves:

magic coat
Dark pulse

WHat you suggest instead of HP Rock?
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For Cacnea:

Payback: For Low Speed. Sucker Punch isnt as good, as it only hits if the opponet is using an attacking move.

Seed Bomb: STAB Power

Swords Dance: For Power

Poison Jab/Brick Break: For Coverage