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I got a lv 62 typhlosion with a Modest nature that I'm EV training in Special attack and speed I have fully EV trained it in both those stats and its current Special attack is 196 and its speed is 166, however online calculators say that this is like 20-30 points to low for both! and I havent EV trained in any other stat (that I'm aware of) and yet it doesnt want vitamins or wings for Sp.atk or Speed,

bottem line: is there any calculator to check which stats have how many EV points. or did I do something wrong?

well to make things easier heres my typhlosion:

Lv 62
modest nature
Alert to sounds
hp: 199
atk: 105
def: 112
Sp.atk: 196
Sp.def: 122
Speed: 166

im hearing things about an ''EV lady'' but I cant find her anywhere and I dont think she'd be of much help or does she looks at a single stat? also a calculator (if it exists) would be nice so I can save my un-trained EV point Pokemons xD


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Short answer... you don't. that's why it is always a good idea to count.

Long answer: When meeting your rivals at certain points in the game (bw,bw2) your rival will say "you've really worked on its attack" etc, they always so the highest Ev-trained stat. but other then that. you don't know. sorry

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You have to keep track yourself otherwise there is no way to tell until you max out that Stat.

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I'm sorry, but you have to count your own EVs to know. And there's no such thing as an EV Lady, lmfao.

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You cannot work out how many you have. You need to count how many EVs you are taking in. If you don't, you can't work it out. The reason your stats are not at the max is likely because your Thphlosion's IVs are not at 31 on your desired stat; if it's IVs are any lower than 31 on that stat, that stat cannon reach the maximum since you cannot alter IVs.

With the EV thing, call Bianca on your Xtransceiver. She will tell you how many EVs you have.

No....She will tell you your happiness xD
Close enough.
Heck no, Trach.
"In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, Bianca, when called on the Xtransceiver, will tell the player whether a certain Pokémon in the party has attained 510 total effort values. She will also notify the player if a Pokémon has reached 252 effort values in any stat."
Read, JCM...