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Strongest elemental moves
Such as the draco meteor is the strongest for dragon type
And also the Pokemon which will use that move most effectively!!!

Including or un-including signature moves?

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Dragon: Roar Of Time (150) - Dialga

Fire: V-create (180) - Victini and Rayquaza. The strongest non-signature Fire move is Eruption at 100% (150).

Water: Hydro Cannon/Water Spout at 100% HP (150) - Hydro Cannon shouldn't be used and Kyogre for Water Spout

Grass: Frenzy Plant (150) - Grass starters, but it shouldn't be used.

Ground: Magnitude 10 (150), otherwise it is a Bone Rush hitting 5 times (125), and next is Earthquake (100) - Magnitude and Bone Rush shouldnt be used, lots of Pokemon abuse EQ

Poison: Gunk Shot (120) - Probably shouldn't be used, but Pokemon like Muk and Arbok can abuse it for extra power.

Flying: Sky Attack (140) - Shouldnt be used

Fighting: Reversal at very low HP (200), otherwise Focus Punch (150) - Dugtrio, Breloom

Ice: Ice Ball on it's fifth hit , otherwise Freeze Shock/Ice Burn (140) - Ice Ball shouldnt be used, Kyurem for the latter 2. Besides Freeze Shock/Ice Burn, Blizzard takes the spot of the strongest Ice type move.

Dark: Foul Play (95) - Umbreon

Rock: Head Smash/Rock Wrecker (150) - Rampardos, Aggron, Rock Wrecker should not be used

Steel: Doom Desire (140) - Jirachi. The strongest non-signature Steel type attack is Iron Tail (100).

Psychic: Psycho Boost (140) - Deoxys. The strongest non-signature Psychic attack is Psychic (90).

Electric: Bolt Strike (130) - Zekrom, Victini, the strongest non-signature Electric type attack is Thunder/Zap Cannon (120)

Bug: Fury Cutter at max power (160), otherwise Megahorn (120) - Fury Cutter should not be used - Heracross, Rhyperior, Samurott.

Normal: Explosion (250) - Not really the best, Bronzong.

Ghost: Shadow Force (120) - Giratina, Arceus. The strongest non-signature Ghost type attack is Shadow Ball (80).

Exlcuding OHKO Atacks, list in no real order. I'll put them in alphabetical order later today ;) Also note that I did not post like, every Pokemon that can learn them, just some notable users.

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Wow. If I had been answered, I would've answered this. Emphasis on I.
Rayquaza can know V-Create!?!?
yes but only through event
Thanks for that, but i would wish for moves that more pokemons can learn ( that is excluding signature moves).
Thanks for the list its pretty much what i needed