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I have White and White 2, if I trade my Kyurem and Zekrom from White version, can I fuse them into Kyurem-B, put that in my box, and make a Kyurem-W with the Kyurem and Reshiram from White 2?


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Actually you can.

First, get whatever your version's mascot is. Black 2 would be Kyurem-B, and Kyurem-W for White 2. Then, PokeSav the version's opposite mascot into you boxes. Then you're done. So you can only do this with cheats.

I did this without cheats.
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No, because it is only your in-game Kyurem that works w/DNA Splicers.

what if you take a Kyurem from W2 or B2 and put it into the other one?
No, only the in-game Kyurem works. You can DNA Splice with a non-indigenous Reshiram/Zekrom, but not a non-indigenous Kyurem.