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I've always liked Armaldo for some reason, even back when Rock and Bug were considered two of the worst types, because they had no STAB options that were any good. But Anorith isn't quite as good imo. He has a prtty good attack stat, and average Speed, although the Speed isn't good by LC standards.

Rock Slide: Aw, no Stone Edge :( Oh well, this gives STAB.

Cross Poison: I've always liked this move.

X-Scissor: Gen 4 gave Bug X-Scissor, now Anorith has a decent STAB move.

Rapid Spin: Stealth Rock still sees a decent amount of use in LC.

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I don't really think mixing a Sweeper set with a bit of support is good for a Pokemon like Anorith. It's got 95 base Attack and base 75 Speed, so a sweeper with some kind of buff would be better.

Honestly, I'd replace Cross Poison too. Poison-type attacks aren't as effective in LC as they are in a Metagame like NU.

Here's a moveset for a sweeping Anorith:

Sweeper Set:

Rock Slide (STAB)

X-Scissor (STAB)

Brick Break (Breaks down screens, and omits two important weaknesses)

Swords Dance / Rock Polish (More Attack or more Speed? I, for one, like Rock Polish more, but it's a choice right)

Supporter set:

Sandstorm (Set up a nice hazard for your opponent)

Rapid Spin (Spin away opponent's hazard)

Stealth Rock (Use your own hazard against the opponent)

Rock Slide / X-Scissor (Choose your STAB)

Not gonna answer, this is what I would've said.
Same here, this is a good answer. ;)