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It is level 39, Hasty, stats are: Atk:95 Def:49 Sp Atk:59 Sp Def:67 and Speed:99. Its ability is vital spirit. Its current moveset is Mega Kick(Strong),Cross Chop(Stab), Karate Chop(stab), and Seismic Toss(for bigger foes.) Please help, I need to beat loreli.

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Well, if you want to beat Lorelie, you are going to need a lot moretraining. Also, Seismic Toss is next to useless on a level 39. And yes, never have three moves of the same type. If you are able to, try and get Ice Punch from Emerald version. Cross Chp is fine. Earthquake and Rock Slide are very powerful moves to get.Bulk Up can help provide some defense and more offense. Overheat is a nice trick to have also.

Cross Chop, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Overheat.

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