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what do you mean??
I'm no expert, but you could use Serious and Hardy natures for Mixed Sweepers. For example I use Serious on my Life Orb Infernape which knows Overheat, Close Combat, U-Turn and Solar Beam in Sun. Guess you could have a defence decreasing nature for a Mixed Sweeper though it could be crucial.
.....Dafuq? You MUST use a +Spd, -Def / SDef nature on those......Bad advice.

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Never. There is no situation where a Pokemon would need a Neutral Nature. It's either Walling, Stalling, Attacking or annoying, so it needs either a Defensive nature for the first two, a Speed-raising / Attack-stat raising Nature for the third one and it needs either Defensive or Attack-raising Nature for the last. There is also FEAR, like you mentioned and also Riolu, with his Prankster + Copycat Roar combo that can utilize a neutral nature.

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Thanks JCM... but you tell me nothing I already know. I've seen some FEAR sets with Hardy...