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Don't give me a video link, I've searched and they're unhelpful to me >:|

To help me understand the question more, It would be great for you to tell me what PokeGen is. Please and thank you.
Don't answer if you don't know what PokeGen is.
PokeGen is a cheating program for your computer to generate Pokemon to your DS/3DS. Supposedly without Action Replay. I just don't know how to get it on my 3DS.
Thanks, but since PokeGen is from the computer, I don't think I'll ever be able to help. I don't use any pokemon stuff from the compuer exept for pokemon data base. Also I don't have a 3DS. Sorry for being no help. ];

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Youtube has many tutorials that can teach you how to use them. Also Pokegts is a lot easier to use and after you make the Pokemon at the bottom it tells you what to do to get your Pokemon.

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I knew about Utube -_- I checked there but PGTS works better for me thanks.
Alright, now, I know you can't use the PokeGTS Pokes in Random Matchup, but what about in thw Wi-Fi Club? I was just wondering if you could actually battle with these or if they are completely useless.
if wifi club is the one witch require FCs then yes you can use them
I believe you can i havent used Pokegen in a while.