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Jirachi, thunder, doom desire, psychic, water pulse.

machamp, dynamic punch, earthquake, thunder and ice


garchomp, earthquake, dragon claw, stone edge, brick


weavile, ice punch, night slash, dig, and aerial ace

jolteon, thunderbolt, shadow ball, hidden power(ice) thunder fang

steelix, earthquake, stone edge, gyro ball, double edge

please tell which moves I need to give and replace.

P.S. I saw in one of my answers that pokemaster

commented on the way I double space my lines. my

answer is becuase it makes them easier for people to.


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I actually find it somewhat harder to read, plus it takes up more space.
I find it harder to read usually too. You can still add space for "paragraphs" every few sentences. At least put each sentence together, where you put "ice / punches" that bit should be on one line.

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I think each pokemon covers themselves quite well, but may I suggest- machamp only needs one 'punch', ice or thunder ok? both together are kinda useless (id say keep ice). And Jirachi doesn't NEED thunder, but its still good (not any good replacements really...but if you find one*). Oh and Jolteon might need FOUR moves,unless you just forgot to put the last one EDIT: never mind keep thunder, serene grace makes it awesome( fire blast or blizzard would be improved too).And if you want replace thunder fang, its pretty much thunderbolt only not as good, charge beam might help though, because all attacks are special, also Garchomp's stone edge and brick break cover the same main weakness so you only need one. I'd say stone edge, but if you want reliability, go brick break.

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Jirachi with Thunder is incredible, with a 60% chance to paralyze.
Oh serene grace right? never mind.......