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I haven't seen him use Volt Tackle in Unova.

jus remembered something
in the anime rock still beats electric
but electric can affect ground

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Because a Pokemon can only know 4 moves at any one time. Pikachu's Volt Tackle has been replaced with Electro Ball.

Though, there are a few inconsistencies in the anime where some Pokemon know more than 4 moves at a time, but it's widely accepted that a Pokemon can only know 4 moves, just like in the games.

Pikachu's moves

^ That's a list of Pikachu's moves, past and present.

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Ash is a competitive idiot....Volt Tackle is much better off than Quick Attack.

It would've been cool to see Pikachu learn Discharge at some point. Shame it didn't happen.
Yea but.. this is the anime we're talking about, where his Oshawott still knows Tackle.

And besides, Pikachu usually knows 2 Electric type moves and 2 non-Electric ones; otherwise 3 Electric type moves would really limit the anime's graphics when he's fighting against a Ground type Pokemon (case in point: Iris' Excadrill).