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I have a legendary (The actual legendaries in the game) team, but I don't know if mewtwo or mew is best for STAB in my team.

Shame Mew didn't answer this xD.
Mew two it would have been cool.
I have a mew but i bet u would have a hard time getting one

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All of Mew's stats are base 100 which makes him good for EV training.

Mewtwo is better for a Special Sweeper with a higher SpAtk.

So Mewtwo is better if you're not into EV training.

They both have the same weaknesses although they have different abilities. Movesets are available through the links.

If this didn't answer your question then comment and I'll fix it up.

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Um... STAB?
Well they are both psychic so they'll both get STAB from psychic, Mewtwo has a higher SpAtk so he would get a stronger STAB.
Thanks MrKijani
No problem.
I know a lot of people would choose Mewtwo but I personaly think Mew is better. moveset would be phsycic aura sphere phystrike and rcover.
hmm.......... you put that? that mew can learn any TMs and HMs? but mewtwo can't?