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I'm right now doing Pokemon red, and my venusaur used razor leaf to opponent tentacool.
Obviously, it did critical hit, but something strange is, it says "it's not very effective"
I've hit few more tentacools now and it always says it! Tentacool's water/poison, and it is obvious that grass beats water since it had been always like that since the beginning. What's happening?

because tentacool is poison
It's also water, meaning grass type moves would hit it with neutral damage.

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Glitched Game.
Tentacool is hurt neutrally by Grass Type Moves.

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but I'm playing with visual boy advanced in my PC! It really can't be...
It can't be anything else. Tentacool does not have Grass Weakness, and it says "Not Very Effective".
Flare's right; grass moves should be x1 on a Tentacool. Razor Leaf was Grass type from Gen 1 onwards, and the Water/ Poison typing's battle properties haven't changed either.
I'm finding things that happened similar to me
"Grass attack on Tentacool, and it was not very effective after all."
"Right, that's what common sense would tell you, but obviously when he used Mega Drain, it said it was not very effective."
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Yes. It's a glitch.
Guys, I obviously know that it should be neutral, but it actaully happened?
So is this a glitch or normal thing that gamefreak did not intended to do(like ghost not effecting psychic in gen 1, different from the anime)
Yes. Exactly like that.
Can I switch my question a little?
So is this normal thing to happen in gen1(Even it may not make sense), or is it just few people having a glitch?
Just a few people.
hmm ok I'll trust you...
Oh wait, my game is glitched? dang...