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Well, I've finished Masquerain contests (FINALLY WON :'D), and now I'm ready to own the Battle Tower! I need some opinions and advice for this Battle Tower team.

LEDIAN (Lead) Lv. 50 @ Lax Incense
DOMINANT STATS: Speed (121) Special Defense (135)

Light Screen
Giga Drain (Keeps Ledian Alive, and soaks up Rock-types)

Secret Power (Standard flooring SP has 70 BP and a chance of Paralysis. I like it!)

NINJASK (Baton-Passer) Lv. 50 @ Brightpowder
DOMINANT STATS: Attack (147) Speed (179)

Shadow Ball (Physical Shadow Ball Is a beast on Ninjask!)
Swords Dance (Ups Attack)
Fury Cutter (After a Swords Dance or two, it's pretty good)

Baton Pass (If he's weak, I can transfer Attack and Speed to my other sweeper)

BEEDRILL (All-out Sweeper) Lv. 50 @ Silk Scarf
DOMINANT STATS: HP (157) Attack (134)

Sludge Bomb (STAB, and deals fair neutral coverage)
Twineedle (STAB, sub-breaker, AND a chance of poison)
Return (Gets powered up with Silk Scarf to hit 112.2 BP)

Endeavor (With Ninjask's passed Speed, Beedrill uses it extremely well!)

I'm not exactly open to putting in different Pokemon, but if it improves my team, then I suppose I can keep an open mind. Any and all forms of advice will be appreciated.



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You Could Add Heracross, If You Like. Hes A GREAT Bug Type. If Not, I Would Say Thats Good. Maybe Add Toxic To Someone, Maybe Ladian For Its High Sp. Defense. That Could Be Helpful. Youve Got An Overall Great Strategy. You Could Also Teach Beedril Agility, If You Wanted, but Overall, I Say Thats About As Good as You Will Get.

If You Choose Heracross, Teach it:

Earthquake: Yep, The Quake.

Rock Tomb: Flying, Obvious Move, Decent after Swords Dance.

Brick Break: STAB, Good Coverage.

Megahorn/Return/Strength: For Backup.

With Upped Speed, and Attack From Ninjask Heracross Will Be Able To Take Down ANYTHINg.

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That IS true. Maybe I'll replace Beedrill. Heracross can even learn Megahorn, the strong Bug-type STAB. I just may have to switch.

Thanks Bro, voted up! When I get a few more answers, I'll choose a best one.

EDIT: I'll be on later. I have to go do some homework. Plus, I have a Poké Profile to write up after that.
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Here are some of the best options you could get:

Heracross: With good STAB type coverage, this is a powerful Pokemon. It has a very high attack stat, and the only good Bug type move (Megahorn) in Gen 3, making it the best Bug type then. While it can easily be taken down by say Flying attacks, it has the option of having the Endure/Reversal/Salac Berry strategy.

Ninjask: Well, you have it on your team, so you probably know why it is good.

Armaldo: Yes, Armaldo. It can be a very annoying Pokemon to have to face, plus, it has a good number of move options.

Scizor: Weak only to Fire. Has very high attack. It also can learn agility, making it a very powerful sweeper.