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Venusaur(Lv.32)Holding Exp. Share
Fearow(Lv.23)Holding Soothe Bell
Typhlosion(Lv.39)Holding Amulet Coin
Feraligatr(Lv.53)Holding Wacan Berry

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Three grass types is too many. I would suggest throwing in a ground type, to cover the rock and electric weaknesses from your other pokemon. An electric type or a dragon would give you some good firepower. IF you want to go on the defense, a steel type is a must. Ghost, dark, or psychic pokemon are also good for sweeping.

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Uh you need to take out two of thow grass type because a fire type pokeon trainer wound not be pretty
replace them with a thunder and uh ghoist or phschic

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I switch out for Feraligatr and use Hydro Pump(Soon to be replaced with Hydro Cannon.)
Hydro cannon isn't that great though, waterfall or aqua tail would be a better idea.