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I am really starting to hate my Mandibuzz on my team....Oh BTW it needs to be a flying type
oh BTW this is in Black 2

BTW twice in a sentence? Just put it in your tag.

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Crobat and Gliscor are exelent Flying types for Black 2.Crobat having a base stat total of 535 it surely worth its training.Good moveset and with 4 resistances and 1 immunity it is a very good choice.
Gliscor having a base of 510 with Defense the highest stat he could be your wall.It's moveset is good, you can do anything with it.He has 2 immunities,3 resistances and 1 *4 weakness.
Personaly I would go with Crobat.Since Gliscor can't learn Fly and with Crobat having a good attack, it's an advantage.
PS : Posting your team members in B2 would have helped me a lot better

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Oh I am sorry I just needed my answer ASAP
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