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For ingame as something that can learn surf. Also can you add movesets? My team is
Flygon, Exploud, Eelektross, Breloom, Arcanine, and Skarmory.


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Blastoise the Blaster be bossin' out of the three! :P

enter image description here
With some beast Base Stats...

HP: 79
Defence: 100
Special Attack: 85
Special Defence: 105
Speed: 78

Not only the stats, but with access to some epic STAB's like Hydro Pump and reliable Scald and Surf of course, it can demolish it's way through the game. Personally, I have used Blastoise in almost every game as my Water Type Pokemon, and I will tell you here it is epic. And with more and more TM's in Black and White 2, it can be boss.

Here's my set when I used it:

Trait: Torrent

  • Surf
  • Earthquake
  • Ice Beam
  • Brick Break

    I personally hope you use this set if you choose Blastoise, because I guarantee you that the Game will be really funny to sweep with this boss. So yeah, this is pretty much it. If you want me to add anything else, just comment.

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You're like so welcome that I can't even describe who welcome you are.
Tentacruel is much better
For ingame, blastoise, but for competative, tentacruel would be the best
Blastiose FTW