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I made sure my Gligar was holding a razor fang and I leveled it up three times after 8:00pm but it still wont evolve! Is there a special time of level that it will cause it to evolve?

Did it evolve yet?

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Are you sure:

  1. Are you sure Gligar is holding the razor fang?
  2. Are you sure your ds's time is set correctly
  3. Are you sure Gligar is not holding another item like the razor claw?

The time may not be set to night time. Try setting it to night time in the ds settings.
Also, Gligar may be holding the razor claw instead of the razor fang.

enter image description here I hope this was helpful!

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No it still hasent evolved... :(
Look at your DS time. Is it night on your DS? If yes, then your game is insane. In other words glitched :P
Since the time in the game is dependent on the imputed time on the DS system, check if it's your DS first, then check your game chip.