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So I had a level 30 Gligar and I got into a battle with a wild Quagsire level 24.

The Quagsire used Mud Shot. Now as I understand Gligar is a flying type so it would be immune to ground type attacks, except that Mud Shot hit my Gligar.
I then used roost the next turn and it used Mud Shot again and this time Gligar was immune.

Gligar was holding a Razor Fang and it was raining.
So what the heck happened?


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Mud Shot inflicts damage and then lowers the target's Speed stat by one stage.
Accuracy 95%

A few explanations:

i. Mud Shot might have the same effect as Sand-Attack. While Sand-Attack is a ground move, it still hits Pokemon with flying & levitate.

ii. did it say that Gilgar avoided the attack, or did it say that the attack had no effect? Mud Shot has an accuracy of 95%.

iii. if your Gilgar used Roost before Quagsire used Mud Shot, it will be affected by ground moves (since Roost causes the loss of the flying type for one round). After that turn, Gilgar regains its flying type, and Mud Shot is now x0.

Mud Shot

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It was roost that caused it to hit. Thanks guys.
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From what you have described it's a glitch.
Basicaly i'll go through what should of happened.

Turn 1

Gligar used Swords Dance.
Quagsire used Mud Shot, Gligar was unaffected.

Turn 2

Gligar used Roost
Quagsire used Mud Shot. Gligar lost 45 HP.

Ok so basicaly Roost doesn't allow you to fly for that turn because you are resting. This allows Ground Attacks to hit. But if you are saying it hit first then whe you used Roost it dealt damage the only explanation is a Glitch / Bug.

Ok so it was roost.