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also hypocritical because in the games they say not to judge Pokemon by weakness or strength

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poor magicarp xxx

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No its not harsh. In all aspect in my mind, there is little hope for a good use for Magikarp, other than evolving it into a Gyarados. In the Pokeworld, Magikarp take its revenge when it it evolves into a Gyarados and trashes everything. It has a base attack of 10, base special attack of 15, base health 20. The only good stats are the mediocre defence and speed.

Plus it can only learn 4 moves:
Splash, which does nothing.
Tackle, a basic move that does little damage to a steel/rock type and has no effect to a ghost type.
Flail, works well when the user has low hp, can be countered with a rock/steel/ghost type.
Bounce, the only decent move that Magikarp can learn. Can be countered with a rock/steel type and the move Gravity. Which can only be learned by a tutor.

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Also magikarp is famous for the youtube video epic level 100 magikarp battle. Starring 12 magikarp in a 10 minute battle.
From reading that, I have seen that.
There is more than magikarp attacking their opponents. Not one magikarp knew bounce.
If only migikarp could turn into a ghost type. The never ending battle, only if struggle is considered a normal type and didn't hit.
Hauner can turn them into ghosts. Then the battle would never end. It`s battle galore!
Just like a ditto vs.ditto match
Yes, like that! :D
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Nope. It isn't real so how could it be harsh? It probably is the weakest Pokemon. And anyway since when can fish read pokedex entries? It doesn't matter if it as harsh or not, people like Magikarp because it's useless. or cos they want Gyarados!

Or for his flail and bounce awesomeness!! lol
true lol his flail is awesome ;}
Magikarp in Rain outspeeds a Palkia, in case you didn't know. Therefor, Magicarp is epic :P
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I think it is a little harsh, but hey, once level 20 comes, Gyarados will get revenge!
...but still it is the weakest Pokemon. Except for when it comes to type match up. For ex. Zekrom vs. Wingull = Wingul is weaker. But Zekrom vs. Magikarp = Magikarp has about 2% better chance of winning.

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Sunkern is actually the weakest pokemon.
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No. They made magikarp the weakest Pokemon for a reason as well. Magikarp is the weakest to fit the Japanese myth of a weak fish climbing a waterfall and jumping into a gate to change into a serphant. That is the reason they made the pokedex entry say magikarp is an underpowered weak Pokemon.

Wow, really? That's interesting. Maybe Magikarp should learn the move waterfall then.