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The move Explosion is powerful, but the user faints. does this mean that you wouldn't faint by using it with a pokemon who has the ability encourage? The ability says that the user automatically faints as a side effect, not as a large sum of damage. If that were the case, steelix could do a ton of damage.


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No, the pokemon would faint. Encourage only affects secondary effects - the same ones that would be amplified by serene grace.

I looked it up http://www.gamespot.com/ds/rpg/pokemonds3/show_msgs.php?topic_id=m-1-56361094&pid=989552

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Could you show me the source from which you got this information? If you do that, I'll give you BA.
I typically don't trust comments on forums, but I'll still vote up and all that.
We'll know for sure once the game info gets through. Maybe we can have Will test this for us.
That forum thread seems fairly legit and is what I expected when I heard about the ability - your attack boost is the positive side, you can't have ANOTHER positive side like not fainting or no recoil damage.
Also this is called "Brute Force" in some places which I think is a better name. :)