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I want to know what you would do in these situations:

Azummarill: Leftovers and Aqua Ring.

Serperior: alot of Speed.

Roselia: Ingrain, Giga drain, and Leech seed.

Unfezant: Uses Aerial ace over and over and over.

(I run into these when I battle people world wide.)

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Well there are so many more factors than just what you have listed, but for Azumarill with leftovers and aqua ring, switching into an offensive grass type such as roserade would be smart, and just OHKO it with leaf storm.

For Serperior that is fast, a Pokemon with taunt, or even better magic bounce, should do the trick, just because Serperior has terrible attack stats.

For Roselia, (the move is called leech seed by the way), an offensive grass type that carries hidden power ice, fire, or psychic should force the switch, vileplume would be good because it can't get poisoned, or exeggutor, because of its stab psyshock. Actually Exeggutor with psyshock is the better counter.

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My options are pretty straight forward...

  • 1) Use Heal Block / Just faint it with a STAB Electric move.
  • 2) Switch into a Bulky Special Wall / Just faint it with a STAB Grass move.
  • 3) Switch into a Grass Type / Just faint it with a STAB Fire move.
  • 4) Switch out to a Type that resists / Just faint it with a STAB Electric move.

Really, you don't need much planning for this. Just fainting them would be way more easier with a STAB Super Effective move.

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simisageUse a grass type for AzumarillduosionUse a psychic type for Roselia whirlipede Use a poison or bug or a Pokemon in the venipede chain for Serperior.

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