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Whut? Mudus via methid??
I think pokemonEmolga means Masuda Method.

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Well, I'm not sure of what you're asking...I'll just go through the 3 ways of increasing Shiny Pokemon chance:

  • Masuda Method: This method involves breed two Pokémon created in games of different countries. Instead of the standard 1/8192 in the games, it turns into 1/1639 (Generation IV) or 1/1366 (Generation V) probability of being Shiny upon hatching the egg produced.
  • PokeRadar: After chaining, meeting same Pokemon repeatedly using the PokeRadar, you have an improved chance of encountering a Pokemon using this formula:
    , where n is the chain number, up to 40.
  • The Shiny Charm: The chance of meeting Shiny Pokémon in the wild is changed to 1/2730. The chance of an egg producing a Shiny Pokémon via the Masuda method is changed to 1/1024.
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where do you get the poke radar in pokemon black?
Nowhere. The PokeRadar was only in Generation IV games.
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Do you mean Masuda method? If so, that can only be performed by breeding.

Also, using Masuda method still doesn't guarantee a Shiny Pokemon hatching from the Egg. The chance is still a low 1/1366, so you'll still have to be patient.