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i chose tododile so most of Clair and Lance's teams should be a breeze but oh gawd DAT KINGDRA

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There's one Pokemon that really helped me out with I was in your situation and his name is Mamoswine. Obtainable as a Swinub in the ice path, mamoswine sports a high attack, a mighty stab earthquake, and most importantly STAB ice shard. Ice shard always goes first and hits dragon types (except kingdra) for super effective damage, and hits lances three dragonite and his speedy aerodactyl super effectively. As for gyarados and charizard, I'd advise a bulky electric type. I used ampharos. His electric type attacks easily destroy them. As for DAT kingdra, it's unlikely you can get a dragon, so I'd advise water resistances. You've got a water type, so a grass type. You could also get skarmory (ss) or mantine (hg), both of which are defensive behemoths with resistances to dragon and water respectively that reside on the mountainous route next to blackthorn city ( where you fight clair) hope this helped

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