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Mewtwo(the special sweeper psychic, flamethrower, shadow ball, and aura sphere)

Groudon(the physical tank, earthquake, fire punch, thunder punch, swords dance)

Raquaza(physical sweeper, brick break, fly, dragon claw, dragon dance)

Lugia(the wall, toxic, aero blast, roar, recover)

Kyogre(the special tank, waterspout, ice beam, calm mind, thunderbolt)

Arceus(the other special sweeper that covers the ice weakness, judgement(fire), earthpower, energy ball, calm mind)

This team is based off of current possible movesets not B/W
And yes I like the hoenn legendaries they are awesome I don't even own a gen III game though :(

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Well first off Iwant to say that using both Lugia and Mewtwo allows for destruction at the hands of Darkrai,but then again, nothing can really deal fully with Darkrai. You could use Ho-oh isnstead of Lugia, seeing as it also gains a boost from Groudon. You will want to replace Kyogre and possibly Rayquaza, seeing as how their abilities don't work well with Groudon. Rayquaza can be replaced by something like Giratina or Dialga. If you have a Darkrai, add it to your team. If not, replace Kyogre with either Giratina or Dialga, whichever one yu didn't have before, seeing as they don't have the same weaknesses. Make Arceus into an Electric type. As for moves, look around the site. If you want movesets here, please comment and I will add them later today, I am going to be off soon.

Edit: Fine, maybe I was voted down for not addng movesets, despite being right. I'll do it for your current Pokemon. First, Rayquaza. You do not want to be using Dragon Claw, Brick Break, or Fly for an Uber team. Fly, plenty of Ubers use Thunder, so that is useless. And the Flying type is fairly useless in Uber. Brick Break isn't powerful enough to do damage, same with Dragon Claw. You want Outrage, Rayquaza won't survive long enough for confusion to be a problem in most cases. You also should have Stone Edge and either Extremespeed or Overheat. Overheat is a backup, you want it for that one time power, and it won't hurt this Rayquaza. Lugia, you can replace Roar and Recover. I like Roost better than Recover seeing as it gives you less common weaknesses. I'd have Reflect, so you can be even more defensive. Kyogre, you need a Res-talk if you are going to run Water Spout. If you don't want that, just replace it with Surf. Arceus should be Electric type as I said. It should have Judgement, Earthquake, Energy Ball, and Extremespeed. A mixed Pokemon.

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I just voted it back to 0 since it was a fine answer.
Can you give me movesets trachy.
Your movesets seem fine except for the things I listed in the edit. Is this for Uber battling?
No I do not do battling wifi becuase I don't know how.
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Your Rayquaza and Lugia cover grass, dragon, and fighting, and your mewtwo gets the fighting, poison, steel, and rock. Mewtwo, Arceus, and Lugia can take care of the heavy defense, while the others have high physical moves that can take off offense. If you really want to weaken your guy, Lugia, toxic, roar, toxic, roar, etc. All in all, a really good team.

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I think yes its a good team but you exces to much calm mind choose others attacks like if I have an strong gliscor I choose at him guilotine,fire fang,sandstorm,aerial ace.So I think you need only to relpace the clam mind at one of them.

Actually I only used it on two people and I think I used it on the best ones I could becuase it makes kyogres best stats better and boosts arceus's average for legendary S.attack to really good and he has the bulk to do a couple of them.